Do I need a new roof?

The solution isn’t always a new roof, but you never want to compromise the safety of your home in exchange for getting that elusive “one extra year” out of your old roof. Moisture in attics and inside walls creates an environment for mold to grow and causes wood to rot, which weakens the structure of your home. If the damage is ignored, ceilings and walls can saturate, sag, and eventually collapse.

Signs of Wear:

  • Curled, cracked or deteriorated shingles

  • Interior damage from roof leaks

  • Granuals worn off of shingle surface

  • Physical damage from impact or animals

L&M Construction  Roofs come with an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty  shingle that lets you spend time enjoying your home, instead of worrying about it.

Installation Walkthrough

Because we care about you and your home

  1. Protect home by covering landscaping, driveway, and walkways as needed

  2. Remove all existing layers and vents down to the original plywood decking

  3. Remove & replace damaged or rotting wood as needed, nail down loose boards

  4. Install building code-compliant Ice & Water Shield along eves and valleys, and around pipe vents, chimneys, skylights, and furnace vent pipes.

  5. Install Synthetic Underlayment over all remaining wood surfaces

  6. Install “Starter Strips” on eves and gable edges as required

  7. Install new shingles chosen by homeowner

  8. Install new plumbing pipe flashings

  9. Install new roof ventilation

  10. Install new kitchen/bath vents as needed

  11. Clean up and remove all debris